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The relationship is risky, as the two have no intention of getting married.

However, both say this living situation allows them to "feel normal." But not all of the pair's peers have the chance to lead such lifestyles.

"He started beating and slapping me, then going over to my friend and kicking him.

Now 26, Reza's leads a love life outside the norms of the society in which he was raised.

Although it is technically illegal for unmarried couples to live under the same roof, he allowed his girlfriend to move in several months ago.

Increasingly organisations are implementing a written or verbal policy on workplace romance — 42% in 2013 versus 25% in 2005, according to the most recent data available from the society.

Most rules outlaw relationships between bosses and subordinates or push for “love contracts”, where workplace couples are required to disclose their relationships. “You can have a handbook and a policy and they’ll ignore everything in there, including the CEO on down,” said Joanne P Lee, a vice president at NKS Distributors in New Castle, Delaware, who has worked in human resources for 35 years.

Sitting with friends in his living room in west Tehran, Reza raises a general question: "What do young children in Iran do when they begin to have questions about sex?

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