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The car must stop when meeting a horse that appears frightened or when a government stage-coach is met. In tlie 15th century there were 40,000 weavers ; and the woollen workers alone fur- nished 18,000 men to the civic army. The deep moat and massive towers of the castle remain (see Long- fellow's 7:(%y(?? Tramway to the Benedictine Abbey of Laach, founded in 1093, with magnificent Roman- esque ch. Here are preserved Christ's seamless robe, a nail from the Cross, a fragment of the Crown of Thorns. It was built in 1250 by the Archbishop of Treves, and ii^ihabited by his successors. above the Rhine, founded before 1400, and still uninjurer" and inhabited. 'Bo Tp'pdirdi Zum Spiegel; llirsch; Glosmann; Rliein; Lange), on the W". and JPri., 9-11), with the Bavarian regalia, the great blue- diamond, and the crowns of Bohemia (captured in 1620),, and of the Emperor Henry II. richly frescoed Arcades, containing the Ethnographical Museum and the Art TJnion. On the wooden bridge which gives name to the town, Hofer's Tyrolese riflemen thrice defeated Napoleon's Bavarians in the War of Independence (1809). was entertained), once, a free imperial town of vast wealtli, and the centre or trade between Germany and the Levant, now has 76,000 iiihab. Ulrich ; the Rathhaus (1616-20), with its Golden Hall ; the rambling Gothic Cathedral (995), with handsome cloisters ; and the frescoed Ftig- gerhaus, the home of the richest merchants of 16th- century Europe. See the Royal Villa, the Rosenstein, and other villas on the heights ; also the Kursaal and the Wilhelma. There are several other notable excursions to be made from Stuttgart. 60 pf., 9 mks., 5f mks.), or from Stuttgart, via Grailsheim and Ansbach C19 mks. 85 kr.), go to Nuremberg {Wiifelsbach ; Victoria; Goldener Adler ; Wurtembergerhof ; Grand), a delightful old town (140,000 inhabitants), famous for its quaint media3val houses, oriel windows, and toy factories, and the centre of trade between North and South Germany. high, with its 15th-century stained windows, slender and riclily carved pillars, and Erwin's tomb and pillar, is impressive. The new Un U versity, now specially favored by Germany, is at the Fischer Gate. The provincial museum contains a collection of about 300 pictures. Maria la Blanco, is a curious memorial of the Jewish epoch. Valladolid is a town of 65,000 inhab., on the Pisuerga. The towns of Vittoria, Pamplona, Bilbao, and San Sebastian (the pretty watering-place frequented in late years by English and Americans) all deserve attention; but the tourist will hardly find time to stop at any of them. The Place Gram^ mont po^itams the Theatre, the Mairie, and the (yu-°tm^ House, Good view of the sea from the citadel. To- day the remains of the old walls are still to be seen. The old Cathedral is Byzantine, and quite rich in character. coast of Portugal, is a small town of 10,000 mhab., with a good cathedral ; fine military hos- pital, large and well-built streets, and an excellent port. The town IS divided into 2 parts by the little brooklet called the Grave, over which there are 5 bridges. Magnificent Flemish tapestries made by order of Francis L, in the great Hall of the States. and Sun., from 1 to 5, free, and every day for a small fee) ; the Place Roy ale, with a statue of Henri IV., may all readily be seen in a few hours. The former town receives between 6 and 10,000 invalids and tourists annually; vast bathing establishments here, also Casino, concert halls, theatre, reading rooms, etc.

The speed must not exceed 30 kil- ometres (about 19 miles) in the country, 10 kilometres (6^ miles) in cities and towns or on mountain roads, and 6 kilometres (3f miles) on bridges, in narrow streets, and whenever warning signs demand it. 70c.) to Ghent (Hotel Royal; de la JPosie; de Vienne), a city of 145,000 inhab.. The town is divided into 26 islands, and has 88 bridges. The great Guilds, under Jacques van Artevelde^, etc., ruled this region for % centuries, and often came to blows among themselves, as on May 2, 1345, when 1,500 men were slain in a terrible street-battle. took refuge from his sons, and which w^as held, during the Thirty Years' War, by Swedes, Spaniards, Germans, and Lorrainers, In 1660 the Archbishop of Cologne destroyed this too pow^erful neighbor, Roman ruins 4 M. Andernacli )y Cologne troops in 1496 ; and burned by the Fi-ench in 1688. The Porta Nigra is a huge Roman gateway of blackened sandstone, 115 ft, long and 93 ft. The Catliedral dates from 550, — a vast structure, under which repose the archbishops and electors of Treves. Above Capellen is Konigsstuhl, ■where the 4 Rhenish Electors used to meet, in open air, to elect emperors and conclude treaties. Braubnch is tinder Marksburg, an imposing castle 492 ft. In the adjacent Old- Residence (1600-16) is the sumptuous Royal Chapel (open Tues., 9.30-11) ; also the Treasury (Tues. The Festsaalbau, with noble portico- and statues, fronts on the Hofgarten, around which ruij. leads by Rosenheim to Kufstein (^Post Hotel), an ancient fortress command- ing the Tyrolese frontier ; and up the beautiful valley of the Inn ; by busy and picturesque old Schwaz, among rich iron and copper mines ; and Hall, whose ch. Innsbruck {Hotel de V Europe; Tirol; Stadt Milnchen), the capital of the Tyrol (24,000 inh.), is beautifully situated in tiie midst of mts.. 265 high, whose peaks seem to overhang its streets. from Munich to Augsburg {Bai' erischerhof; Kaiserhof: Drei Mohreri, a very ancient hotel, in which Charles V. Charming views from the Hasenberg, Uhlandshoiie, and Schillershohe. The Anlagen park, decorated with statues, extends over 2 M., to Ca.{Vier Jahreszeiten ; Bahiu hqf; Bar), on the Neckar, with warm saline and cha- lybeate springs, much frequented by invalids. The bombardment of 1870, which destroyed the Library, Theatre, Picture Gallery, etc., spared the Cathedral. (10 pf.) is a vast marble monument to Marshal Saxe, which it took 20 years to make. On the way up observe the fine view in the valley, where old Toledo, which was a town of 200,000 inhab., was situated. The river Tagus makes a great curve around the town. The stone sculptures here are of extraordinary delicacy and finish. Ana) is the next place of interest; although from the junction of Medina del Campo you can go by branch lines to the old university town of Sala- manca, or to Zamora. There is little of importance to see in Irun : memorials of the Carlist civil war in all this neighborhood. coast of France, It was a favorite resort of the Empress Eugenie. Fine stained glass windows in the Cathedral, 15th century. WE have thought it probable that the vacatioa tourists would not be likely to push their jour- ney as far as Lisbon, but we give a short paragrapli con- cerning the journey to Portugal. On 3 sides of the square are sumptuous buildings, the Exchange, the Custom House, the Post Office,ih Q Ministries,' On the middle of the N. There are but few remains of old Lisbon, which was destroyed by the great earthquake. The Homans made it one of their most important military posts. 20c.)to Pau {Hotel Oassion, a splendid edifice ; Bellevue; Splendide; Be France; Beau Sejour; de la Poste; Cirand Hotel; dela Paix; de VFurope. Restaurants: Gassion, Com- merce, de la Borade), with 29,000 inhab., is one of the most important towns in the lower Pyrenees, and is a favorite winter resort because of its delicious climate. 437 Tjiie is rather expensive at Pan, but there are a great number ot strangers there yearly; abundance of beautifally lurniohed apartments to be had. from 10 to noon and from 2 to 4 p.m.), near Pau, is well worth visiting. Martin, modern ; the Palace of Jus- tice; the Museum (open Thurs. to Laruns, thence omnibus to Eaux-Bonnes {Hotel des Princes ; He France ; Continental) and Haux- Chaudes.

The following is the deposit required in each country, the amount in each ease being reduced to its American equivalent : Austria, ; the tourist must swear to a declaration that he intends to remain only temporarily in the country, and that his wheel is not for sale; on leav- ing the country the deposit will be refunded; Bel- gium, 12 per cent, ad valorem; if intending to leave the countiy by rail, the tourist must write in ad- vance to the custom-house otiicial at the frontiftr, en- xxvi A CHAPTER ON TRAVEL. By the Bernardino Pass, diligences run daily to Mesocco (l Ofr. Beautiful views of Mont Blanc fiom the Quai du Mont - Blanc and the pier beyond. Peter's of the J^orth,"_is a plain 18th- century building ( 50 c. The Museo de Arte Moderno contains modern Spanish paintings and sculptures.

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The motoring tourist should always have with him a passport, an official certificate of his ability as a driver, and a maker's certificate giving date of sale, value, weight, type of car, capacity, etc. The bell inscribed Vivos voco, mortuosplango, fulgurafrango, cast in 1486, is in room near cloisters. (Schweizer- hof, with view of Alps and Falls; Bellevue). wide, descends 100 ft., in rapids, whirlpools and 3 falls, over limestone ledges. The other public buildings and the Palaces are rather cold and formal in structure.

The channel steamers between Great Britain and the Continent have every facility for carrying uncrated cars without risk. 5c.) to Schaffhausen {National ; 3Iuller ; Riese) a pic- turesque town, with quaint, old frescoed houses; a wall with 6 gates, and old towers; a massive castle (1564); and a Romanesque Cathedral (1101). Its interior is very richly ornamented with fine paintings : that of the Senate occupies the old ch. In the great square of the Puerta del Sol is the Ministry of the Interior, formerly a post-office.

The following is a synopsis of the custom house rules and police regulations in the most fre- quented countries of Europe: France. It is better, however, to go via the Falls of the Rhine and Lake Constance, bv rly. You may ascend the rock which divides the falls (3 fr.); or view them from Laufen castle (1 fr.), the best point, where the Fischetz platform should be visited. Ziirich (or Rohrschacli) is a good point from which to visit the Spliigen Pass. in area, with transpar- ent bluish-green water rellecting the chain of happy shore-villages and the snowy Alps of Schwyz and Gla- rus, to Rappersch-wyl {flofel du Lac ; Schvcm), which has the Lindenhof, Capuchin monastery, deer-park, and ancient castle, containing the Polish National Mm- seum. See in the Plaza Mai/or the equestrian statue of Philip III.

It will be to his advantage in many ways to become a member of the Touring Club of France. The Falls of the Rhine may be visited hence (carriage, 2 fr. It is the largest fall in Europe, and should be seen by moonlight, or under its morning or late-afternoon rainbows. The effect of the architec- ture of Madrid is not pleasing, compared Math the won- derful richness of decoration to M^hich the eye has become accustomed in Southern Spain.

Go to the United S^^tes Consul for information when you are really in d^ubt and need advice. Thousands of lives have been lost by avalanches and land-slips in this " Bad Way." The safe ne^v road, w^ith its tunnels and bridges, was built in 1822. high ; here the scenery is grandest) makes a noise liie a camion. The Engadine is a dry, cold, and silent valley, 3,300 to 5,800 ft. It is divided into the Upper Engadine and the Lower Engadine; the former extends 24 M. in length, to 380 PONTRESINA - LUCERNE St, Moritz {Kulm; Belvedere ; Palace; Grand; Schiveizerhof) , the highest settlement in the valley (6,000 ft.), a village of 2,000 inhabitants. 281 Guard, who died in defence of the Tuileries in 1792. Washington, and ha.s several hotels {Eigi-Kidm; Sonne; Rigi- Staff el; Rigi- Kalthad), whose landlords have been compelled by criticism to lower their prices and improve their man- ners. ; for then hundreds come up here to spend the night and see the sunrise. Exquisite view after emerging from the tunnel 'beyond Chexbres (the stat. ' Iiausanne {Riche Mont ; Beau Sejo^ir; Victoria; Beau Site; Du U-rand Pont ; Gibbon, where Gibbon wrote part of his history), with its lovely views over tlie lake, has become a favorite summer-resort and place of residence (47,000 inhab.). 289 the market-place ; and the plain symmetrical interior is 300 feet long. It never freezes over, and has mysterious rises and falls, strong currents, and water-spouts. (6 fr., 3 fr.) by Thonon, capital of Chablais ; and Evian {Hotel de France ; Foian ; Des Baint]), a beautiful and fashion- able French summer-resort, with fine views of Lausanne ; to Bouveret, at the end of the lake (rly. See Rocher de Naye, a beau- tiful mountain place above Territet, between Chillon and Montreux, at the E. Neuchatel (Be Uevue; Bu Lac; Soletl; Vaisseau), 2 hrs. from Lausanne, stands on an amphitheatrical slope of tiie Jura, sloping down to the lake, and is famous for watches. See splendid Gymnasium and Academy, museums, Library (70,000 vols.), new College, Picture- Gallery (^ fr.) of fine modern Swiss paintings, ancient Castle, and the 3 great hospitals. Steamboats run from Neuchatel to Estavayer, and into the gloomy Lake of Morat, famous in Roman and Burgundian history. There are a great nuni- ber of curious and interesting palaces and pri- vate houses to be seen in Seville. 423 • Taveros, where tlie tribunal of the Inquisition had its sitting, will attract the traveller's attention. From Seville, if you adopt our plan for a short Spanish journey, we recommend you to proceed directly to Madrid. ; time by ordinary trains, 16 hrs.; fares, 321 r., 171 r., 104 r. It is better to go to Madrid first ; then to make the Toledo visit a round-trip excui sion of one day. We recommend the tourist to devote liis chief attention to the museum ; then, if his time permits, to include the other edifices and collections of Madrid.

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