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If you need more examples or solutions, please contact me. Note that in character sets, special characters (., *, ) do not have any special meaning. This means match anything that is a single white space character OR anything that is not a white space character!

regular expression for validating time in-79

The trick was to find an appropriate regular expression.

Although Google turned up several regex examples for validating dollar inputs, none met my exact criteria (the ultimate goal being to provide users with the greatest amount of data-entry leeway): So this is what I came up with, and it seems to be working.

I’m finishing up a small project that required validating dollar amounts on web-based form fields, and luckily I was using the wonderful Validation j Query plugin.

Although this plugin doesn’t come with an out-of-the-box dollar validator method, it’s very easy to add your own.

The following expressions will validate the number of days in a month but will NOT handle leap year validation; hence february can have 29 days every year, but not more. A SIN should also be validated by computing the checksum digit.

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