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It's important to remember that discussing prenatal tests can be simple or incredibly complicated, depending on the degree of detail that is needed and the point under discussion.

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A brief description of the test, its purpose, and the procedures used are given for each test, but the majority of the information is about the specifics of large women and the test.

If you need more detail about statistics, interpretation of results, rates of 'false-positives', etc., then be sure to research the many websites devoted to prenatal testing online.

But she has found through extensive interviewing of parents involved in such testing that most of them were simply unprepared to confront the scope of the types of decisions presented by prenatal testing, and that choosing such testing often changed the way a woman experienced pregnancy in subtle ways.

Readers may feel that there is a strong anti-testing bias in this FAQ.

There are other types of ultrasound, and new technologies being developed all the time.

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