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Gemma wasn’t back with Simon but you wouldn’t necessarily rule it out judging by the tender way they exchanged momentos from their happy past.During the finale Tom, Simon, and Gemma all said they just wanted an end to it. Sadly, you suspect, the misery for all of us will go on for all of us in Series Three.

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Whether Gemma really had bought the cufflinks he wore at their wedding or danced with Simon to Jimmy Cliff we will never know. Gemma denied it but she basically lied to Tom throughout. Tom knew Gemma’s mum and dad had died in a car accident when she was 16 ‘but apart from that I don’t know anything.’He didn’t even know what jobs they had.‘For some strange reason I wanted to know how they actually died,’ Gemma later told Simon (as he was trying to commit suicide).‘I think that’s why I became a doctor…’The roof of their car was crushed by a lorry.‘It would have been utterly terrifying, incredibly painful and not instant.’It probably explained a lot about her.‘I had Post-natal depression,’ she tried to explain to their son.

Simon certainly sounded convincing or convinced when he accused: ‘You took her away from me and it wasn’t for any good reason. Gemma had cleared the house out but still wouldn’t just move away and couldn’t bear to just let Simon go.‘How does this end? ‘It didn’t occur to me he would tell you about it because I couldn’t imagine the psychology of someone who would do that. ’Well he would, obviously.‘Don’t do this,’ she said holding Simon’s hand and giving him the photos of herself and their son that he used to take with him everywhere.

Exactly like the first series in other words, right down to another implausible, excruciating, meal.

Having spent the previous four episodes watching Gemma and Simon trying to destroy each other, what we thought was a tale of ruthless revenge veered off track into something approaching soppy reconciliation.

Gemma chose this as the moment to dump James for once and for all (hopefully).‘Tom was right,’ she told him.

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