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I fell onto my son’s bed and brought myself to orgasm reminiscing about my slutty college days: my many lesbian encounters, my time as a submissive to my college roommate, my one black man, my one four-way (is that a gang bang? As my orgasm crashed through me, I envisioned my face being coated with cum by my son as I eagerly kept my mouth open from my submissive position on my knees.

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I frantically rubbed myself for a couple of minutes and was close to coming when my son turned me on even more by ordering, “Open wide, slut and take your Master’s cum.” Jagdish sat up and started pumping his cock aimed at her open mouth.

I watched as rope after rope after rope of his cum sprayed into the bitches’ mouth and across her face.

Joyeeta immediately dropped onto all fours and crawled the rest of the way.

Once the submissive slut reached him, he snapped his fingers again and pointed to his cock.

I came home early from work and was surprised to see my son’s car in the driveway. I went upstairs and saw his jeans on the floor in his room and assumed he was in the pool. I couldn’t believe my son, a straight ‘A’ student, a member of the choir and going to JNU this fall, on an all paid scholarship, was calling another girl a slut.

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