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After all, I did play high school football and I am a pretty average Madden player, so I know exactly what I'm talking about when it comes to football. In related news, I'm an idiot.____________________________________________________Bone-Crushing Screens: 1 to date (0 last game)____________________________________________________Your awesome You Tube was sent in to me by John O. As if a free bloomin' onion from Outback wasn't enough, the ongoing promotion of free fries from Mc Donald's if the team scores more than 70 points was continuing. Add peacemaker to the long list of talents Evan has.____________________________________________________As I mentioned earlier, I feel like America wants to know my thoughts on the big "foosball" game on Sunday, so here's some Super Bowl anaylsis from a guy whose predictions are about as reliable as Braylon Edwards going across the middle.

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Lovecracked online dating

Building from a tradition of women's regionalist prose by such writers as Sarah Orne Jewett, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Alice Cary, Rose Terry Cooke, and others, Freeman wrote about the importance of place in her heroines' struggles for autonomy.

She uncovered the profound effects of patriarchal strictures on women's daily lives.

With her focus almost entirely on women's struggles and concerns, Freeman's depictions of region explore the psychology of women's conflicts as she knew them.

Many of the stories in A New England Nun and Other Stories draw from the author's life experience.

It's the kind of rags to riches story Club Trillion likes to dream about.

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