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Unable to ignore your bulging swimsuit Brent goes down on your giant cock and makes you hard as a rock so you can fuck his tight hole until you both blow thick loads.There’s no better way to spend your day Loving Brent Corrigan!

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Generally, that would be because you have a major problem, usually external, and usually inhaled.

So the House Managers definitely suspected something was up.

Sean is a balls man and he’s convinced that straight men’s balls hang lower and that’s his biggest turn on! He’s done a lot of cam work but today he’s at the studio to fuck a chick.

He’s only 26, but this 6’3” stud has a lot to be thankful for…

Sean has bulked up a lot since his last visit and he doesn’t have a hard time getting laid but he wants to make a little extra cash for the holiday season and gobble down some straight cock in the process!

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