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Honestly, I deeply enjoy working with you on this material and hope very much that you will agree with me.Although this is a large-size class, please feel strongly encouraged to speak up and engage with the texts.As Conchis says in The Magus, "mystery has energy, it pours energy into whoever seeks an answer to it" (235).

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Man stops fighting the truth that reality is fundamentally mysterious and starts to work with, rather than against, nature.

"The Enigma," as the title itself indicates, is based on a mystery and on the characters' attempts to clear it up.

Because of the way he engaged with the class, even a lecture hall as big as the one I was in, I am excited to take more classes under him, and even go on one of his study abroad trips!

" D2L and other technical details: The D2L website (login) is: TO A NEW AND EXCITING SEMESTER.

While detective stories are based on the motif of solving mysteries, Fowles presents the mystery, with all its available evidence, and then blatantly leaves the enigma intact.

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