Dating remington guns

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It was an unrefined bolt action gun that was simple, effective, and hard to fault—except that is, for its size.No one has ever said that the Mosin-Nagant was handy and compact, especially the old WWI era rifles but for those who desired a more concealable weapon, all that was needed was a saw.The gun, while not a Mosin, was an older Berdan rifle dating from the 1870s.

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By chopping a couple feet from the barrel and sawing off all but a handy pistol grip from the shoulder stock, the nearly six foot long Mosin turned into a large bolt-action pistol, labeled the Obrez. The Tsar had been deposed in a revolution and, in a second revolution (who can have too many right?

), the Bolsheviks under Lenin assumed control of the central government.

These guns had fierce recoil, often retained no sights, and could be as dangerous to the user as the target, but they did have a certain swagger to them.

Former White Russian officers, who fled the country after the Civil War, often had a soft spot in their heart for the obrez, which led to these guns popping up in the Spanish Civil War, WWII, and other conflicts.

Besides bandits, one of the most common users of these guns were the Makhnovets (sometimes Makhnovetska), black flag waving anarchists who were something of the Mad Max version of 1917 Russia in that they were a lawless nomadic army equipped with whatever weapons they could piece together on the move.

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