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The French city of Strasbourg lies directly west across the Rhine.

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However, since the privatization of the Deutsche Bundesbahn and the ensuing retsructuring of the Deutsche Bahn AG which subsequently led to the shut down of the railway workshops the operations in Offenburg have considerably shrunk in size.

Today Offenburg station lies at the crossroads of a number of railway lines, the most important of which is the Rhine Valley Railway the main line between Karlsruhe and Basel with regular Intercity Express (ICE) services to Basel, Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt, Frankfurt Airport and Amsterdam.

Two major federal roads, B 3 and B 33, intersect at Offenburg.

Since the arrival of the railways from Mannheim in 1844, Offenburg had developed into a railway center during the 19th and earlier part of the 20th century.

During the outbreak of the Revolutions of 1848, the "Offenburger Programm" which contained thirteen demands "in the name of the people of Baden" was announced at the Salmen Inn on 12 September 1847. Along with the Karlsbad Resolves, the Offenburger Program demanded basic and human rights as well as freedom of the press and a progressive income tax structure.

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