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Both sides mined harbors and rivers with torpedoes, but the Confederacy enjoyed greater success.

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Meanwhile, Union forces employed the Hale patent rocket launcher, a metal tube that fired seven- and 10-inch-long spin stabilized rockets up to 2,000 yards. Colt revolvers and Springfield muskets were the Civil War’s most popular firearms, but the era also gave rise to some of the earliest machine guns. government never ordered the Gatling in bulk, but Union General Benjamin Butler privately purchased several of the intimidating weapons in 1863 and later used them during the Petersburg Campaign.

While a vast improvement on the Congreve, these projectiles were still quite unwieldy, and were only generally used by the U. Of these, perhaps none is more infamous than the Gatling gun, a six-barreled piece that was capable of firing up to 350 rounds a minute. Other rapid-fire guns included the Williams gun—a Confederate breechloader first unveiled at the Battle of Seven Pines in 1862—and the Billinghurst-Requa battery gun, which consisted of 25 rifle barrels arranged side by side.

While they proved an intimidating method of psychological warfare, landmines were often viewed as an unethical form of combat. Mc Clellan denounced them as “barbarous,” and Confederate General James Longstreet briefly banned their use.

Perhaps their most vociferous critic was Union General William T.

The lights had been used in lighthouses and theaters since the 1830s, but Gillmore’s engineers were the first to adapt them for combat.

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