single parents dating site in canada - Accessing attractiveness in online dating profiles

by  |  22-Sep-2017 20:11

The typical yet effective, “Genuine, attractive, outgoing, professional female, good sense of humor, into keeping fit, socializing, music and travel, seeks like-minded, good-natured guy to share quality times,” is viewed more often.

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Participants only viewed two profiles and had to choose which they would prefer to date.

Similar to what the first experiment found, the unattractive but responsive dates were much more likely to be chosen when their profiles were viewed after those of the nonresponsive potential dates.

This dating choice did not depend on whether the person was attractive or unattractive."These results highlight the importance of the context in which dating decisions are made," wrote the study authors.

These findings suggest something as simple as the order in which online dating profiles are viewed could boost someone’s odds of getting a date.

In the second experiment, a total of 267 women and men were recruited on the Internet.

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